Tuesday, 2 August 2011

july holidays at bremer bay...

During the past holidays my family and I were fortunate enough to score some lovely weather in our 'home away from home' town called Bremer Bay. There are a numerous amount of pristine beaches, aqua blue waters, national parks and soft blue and white swept skys to phototgraph, not to mention the whales!! Hope you enjoy these images as much as I did taking and editing them. 

Cheers Mikaela

Blossums Beach

Blossums Beach- Black & White Edit

Bremer Bay Lookout

Native Dog Beach- beautiful sunset

Bremer Bay Marina- awesume cloud formations

Blossums Beach

 Short Beach

Jetty Sunset

Blossums Beach- un edited

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  1. Ahhh Mikky! Beautiful scenery/views and perfect camera use! You're so talented. :) You could probably sell your photography....